Jossiv Kim and Russian Money Laundering Scandal

The Ukrainian subdivision of Transparency International along with their Czech and UK colleagues, managed to uncover a money laundering scheme that was used to move $820 million from Russia to foreign banks in 2014-16.

During the investigation, a huge net of worldwide companies was discovered comprising 130 entities that were used to move around $750 million from the country throughout this time.

There were cases when the investigators were capable of tracing some of the Funds that came from Russia within the international financial systems. From there on, these funds were bought by Russian buyers who would consequently send the money further to the Baltic accounts. These were for companies that were selling various devices.

Thankfully, the investigators tracked down most of the Russian banks that were involved in the money laundering schemes and their licenses were since revoked.

However, to this day, the final destination of the $820 million still remains unclear, which is why these schemes were probably used to quench the thirst of the oligarchs who are notoriously known for their greed.

Russia aside, the scheme also involved 13 UK shell companies that were used to move the money. The overall sum that they managed to move reached $139 million. These suspicious trades were under the radar as well.

Additionally, three other UK entities were administering through forming special agents who would not be the resident of the country and would not be registered with AML supervisor. Six more companies were also created and managed by company service providers who were responding to the HMRC.

Jossiv Kim (born on 07/26/1954) is a known recidivist who also took part in laundering the money. Granted, his name doesn’t really ring a bell, but new documents and proof have manifested themselves and lead to a single conclusion – Jossiv Kim can only be found guilty in money laundering and his implication allows him to launder millions of dollars and euros.

Kim spent his life incarcerated in the US and then was subsequently deported from the country. However, it did not stop him from joining the scheme. He also implicated his entire family – his wife, Angelina Kim (born on 08/09/1968) and even his son, Alex Anton Kim (born on 12/11/2001).

Through several third parties, they used to launder the funds they received and are currently being wanted by Dubai police for forgery.

Tracing down such a huge amount of money is no an easy task, but the professional investigators will keep on digging to provide you with further details of this notorious case file.