Kim's laundrromat:
how to move millions of hot money out of russia

Jossiv Kim and his family – beware of scammers!

Jossiv Kim (born on 07/26/1954) is a notorious thief, fraudster and recidivist who was incarcerated in the US along with his wife, Angelina Kim (born on 08/09/1968). Jossiv Kim is wanted by Dubai Police and managed to deceive immigration services and the US IRS.

Together with his wife and son Alex Anton Kim (born on 12/11/2001) as well as other third parties, Jossiv Kim misled the compliance services of several major entities and organizations, including Standard Chartered, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Société Générale Geneva, etc. It was done to launder millions of dollars and euros that weren’t declared anywhere in the world. Needless to say, they never paid any taxes, which Jossiv Kim admitted when under oath in the US.

He always utilizes the money laundering capacity of his wife Angelina Kim and son Alex Anton Kim. Expect change of names, different sources of funds, lies and forged documents for all of the family members that help to launder the stolen funds.

After being deported from the US, Jossiv Kim and his family may have found shelter in Spain, along with their other accomplices, Viktor Semyonov and Natalya Kochetkova.

To this date, the accomplices may be involved in various shady schemes and activities with a single purpose – to disguise the criminal origin of the money they’ve stolen.

If you or anyone you know fell victim to Kim’s or his accomplices’ crimes, feel free to report the crime using the Contact Form below. It may help the law enforcement authorities to establish the whereabouts of both Kim and his family, which will, in turn, lead to their incarceration.

Jossiv Kim and his accomplices need to be located ASAP to prevent them from committing even more fraudulent actions.

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