Jossiv Kim, his criminal family and their wrongdoings

A family of elaborate money laundering fraudsters is being reportingly located in Spain with millions of stole dollars and euros.

Jossiv Kim (born on 07/26/1954) – a scammer, thief, and dangerous recidivist with a long criminal record. Been incarcerated in the US for deceiving immigration services and the US IRS. He was not operating alone.

Angelina Kim (born on 08/09/1968) is an accessory to most of Jossiv’s crimes. She aided her husband in misleading compliance service of a few important organizations. These include Charter, Welsh Fargo, City, Societe General Geneva, etc. Together with her husband, Angelina wasn’t even against using their son in their crimes.

Alex Anton Kim (born on 12/11/2001) will use his passport to legalize himself and his family in Spain, where the Kim family has a couple of like-minded friends. Viktor Semyonov and Natalya Kochetkova will organize their shelter, but they still need the right paperwork to legalize their status.

Their money laundering schemes are notoriously famous for finding certain loopholes in different aspects of banking systems and using those to scam even huge public entities into millions of dollars and euros worth of lost funds.

With that said, at the moment, Interpol is looking closely into the Kim family file to establish the severity of their crimes and follow up on all the evidence. Their efforts may help put an end to the Kim family scams.

What may seem like a somewhat harmless crime has affected not only the top management but also the everyday workers which makes detaining the Kim group a top priority if we want to avoid scams like these in the future.>

All three are on the run and may continue eluding their punishment for the time being but will eventually get caught. The main goal here is to initiate that process asap.