Jossiv Kim: uso de miembros de la familia para lavar dinero sucio

Jossiv Kim (born on 07/26/1954) is not just a notorious thief and a dangerous recidivist – he is also a genuine animal, as he used his own son to manage the consequences of his wrongdoings.

It all started when the entire Kim family, consisting of Jossiv, Angelina Kim (born on 08/09/1968), and their son, Alex Anton Kim (born on 12/11/2001), were kicked out of Poland. They had nowhere to go, since they were convicted felons in the US.

Back in the States, the Kims used Alex Anton’s passport to open new accounts. Well, unfortunately for them, it brought them no luck whatsoever.

Perhaps you might have heard about the scandal surrounding the Moscow Bank case. The so-called ‘Russian Laundromat’ affected Russia, The Republic of Moldova, and a few Baltic countries.

In the largest scam in Eastern Europe, no less than 20 billion dollars were transferred from Russia through Moldova and Latvia. It was an elaborate scheme that was too expensive for countries like Moldova – they lost a whopping one-tenth of their entire GDP, which had a detrimental impact on one of the poorest countries in the post-Soviet era.

Jossiv Kim was part of that scheme. Granted, he is not a public figure, and you won’t hear his name on TV in the news section. Yet, his misdeeds were dangerous, and the fact that he used his son to try and cover up his tracks is quite a disgusting demonstration of his lack of any moral traits.

Furthermore, Alex Anton Kim was used to try and legalize the family’s stay in Spain. It’s the second time that Kims chose to put the job on the shoulders of a young adult who barely started his life as a professional fraudster.

With that said, seeing how the Kims were able to cause some major disturbance with Charter, Welsh Fargo, City, Societe General Geneva, etc., it’s only natural that Interpol would be looking at their case file in an attempt to figure out their next move.